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Frequently Asked Questions

The cooler does not keep water cool. What is the reason for this?

If the water cooler does not cool properly, it is likely that there is a coolant gas leak in the compressor.

We recommend that you check whether there is a gas leak, and if so, you should seal this leak and refill the gas properly.

The compressor engine does not start up. What should we do?

Either the compressor has broken down or the starting relay does not work. Firstly, check the precise reason for this and when it is confirmed, you should replace the broken part.

Water does not come out of the hot water tap. Why does this happen?

Perhaps the hot water tank is blocked. In this case, the machine requires serious cleaning.

Cold water comes out of both taps…

When this happens, perhaps some internal item is loose in the cooler and it needs to be dismantled to check whether this is the case. If so, the machine must be reassembled properly.

The hot water does not work…

Perhaps there is a problem with the water-heating element. The solution is to replace it with a new one.


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